Hello! I'm Olive

I learned how to crochet in 2016. Once I learned you could crochet animals I basically became addicted to amigurumi.


In 2019 I created this website! I started to share free patterns after creating a few patterns for amigurumis I couldn’t find online. Instead of keeping the patterns to myself I figured I could share them with others.


And that’s where I am today! As of writing this, StringyDingDing has over 100+ patterns and I’ve launched my Members website for even more exclusive crochet content. Every pattern on this website is made by me, specially for you. I hope you can find a few patterns on here you love. To repay me, please crochet some gifts for your friends, family, or someone who could need it!

That’s about it!

I wish I had more fun things about myself 😁 I think you’ll find my crochet patterns a lot more fun than reading this, so let’s get crocheting >>

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