I’m Olive! I learned how to crochet in 2016. Once I learned you could crochet animals I basically became addicted to amigurumi.

In 2019 I created this website! I started to share free patterns after creating a few patterns for amigurumis I couldn’t find online. Instead of keeping the patterns to myself I figured I could share them with others.

And that’s where I am today! As of writing this, StringyDingDing has over 100+ patterns and I’ve launched my Members website for even more exclusive crochet content. Every pattern on this website is made by me, specially for you. I hope you can find a few patterns on here you love. To repay me, please crochet some gifts for your friends, family, or someone who could need it!

That’s about it!

I wish I had more fun things about myself 😁 I think you’ll find my crochet patterns a lot more fun than reading this, so let’s get crocheting >>

You are 100% allowed to sell anything you make from my patterns anywhere, no credit needed, please just don’t sell the actual pattern itself (the written pattern), nor repost the actual pattern itself anywhere (the written pattern). Of course you can link my patterns on your site! I really appreciate it and thank you for sharing 🙂

Please contact me if you wish to translate my patterns, want to suggest a pattern, have any questions or issues etc. I’ll try my best to reply ASAP.