Learn How to Crochet – a Guide For a Total Beginner (Includes Video Tutorial)

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Crochet is more than a wonderful art, it’s a way of self expression and a way of meditation. This year there was definitely a huge surge of people learning how to crochet – so awesome! Most people I talked to said they needed something to keep them busy, while others were looking to make something cute, and more importantly, I think everyone was crocheting as a way of relaxation or meditation.

That being said, I think it’s really important to have one thing in your life to relieve stress and turn something into a positive outlet. Crochet is TOTALLY that for us crafty types! I don’t think I need to sell you much further on why you should learn to crochet. To keep it simple: it’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s fun.

What do I Need to Know Before I Start Learning How to Crochet?

What you need to know before you start crocheting

Learning something new is really fun, but learning how to crochet involves a lot of things we aren’t used to such as holding a hook, moving yarn in certain motions, and most of all… patience. Learning how to crochet for the very first time may be frustrating for someone who’s never even held a hook before. To be honest, when I was first trying to learn how to crochet I got so frustrated that I think I cried a little bit. LOL I know I can’t be alone on that!

So what I’m saying is, go into crochet with the mindset that there is a learning curve – and that’s okay. Remind yourself to be patient, and every little step is a step towards learning how to crochet. If you ever get too frustrated, take a break and relax – I can’t stress that enough! One awesome thing about the very beginners learning process is that once you figure out one step of learning how to crochet, you’re one step closer to knowing how to crochet. Once you learn the very basics, crochet is SUPER easy from then on. Practice makes perfect is the best slogan when it comes to crochet. It’s essentially muscle memory.

What Supplies Do I Need to Learn How to Crochet?

Luckily the supplies you need to start crocheting are pretty cheap, making this an awesome hobby for everyone.

1. Crochet Hook

The first thing you’ll need is a crochet hook. This is what we will use to pull the yarn and make our stitches. Crochet hooks come in a variety of different materials, such as bamboo, plastic, and metal. There are also hooks that have a fancier handle and these are called “ergonomic” hooks since they help keep your muscles from being uncomfortable.

For a total beginner I definitely recommend starting with a regular metal (aluminum) crochet hook. They are typically a straight hook with a curve at the very tip. You can buy just 1 crochet hook, or a pack that includes a lot of different sizes.

Crochet hooks will have different sizes. When you look at a hook you’ll see a number such as “5.0mm” or “1.0 mm”. This is the size of the hook and this will determine the size of your stitches. 1.0mm is a very small hook, while 10mm is a very large hook. For a very beginner the standard hook size to use is a 5.0mm crochet hook. This is a medium size, and this will ensure that your stitches aren’t too tight or too loose. Of course when it comes to crochet it’s still possible to make very tight or very loose stitches with a medium sized hook, but we will talk about that later!

So to recap, get a 5.0mm aluminum crochet hook. Make sure the package says crochet hook! I don’t want you to accidentally buy knitting needles. Knitting needles are completely straight and have 2 needles. Crochet hooks have a curved tip with just 1 hook, unless you’re buying a pack.

2. Yarn

Here is the fun part! You will need to choose some yarn to start learning how to crochet. You can find yarn at Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels Craft Store, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes the Dollar Tree.

When it comes to picking a yarn, there are things we need to know in order to pick the perfect yarn for a beginner! The first tip being, there are different sizes of yarn. Some yarns are very bulky (known as a size 6 bulky, good for chunky hats) and some are very thin (size 1 fingering yarn, good for doilies). The standard yarn most crocheters is Size 4 Yarn. I recommend getting Size 4 Yarn for a total beginner. When you go to the store, pick up a yarn and look at the label around the yarn. You will be able to find the size of yarn, so try to find Size 4 Medium yarn. This is the most common yarn size!

This is something most people won’t think about when picking a yarn color. Don’t pick a color that is very dark! This means dark purples, dark greys, dark greens, and black. Even though these are awesome colors it can be super hard to see your stitches! So this would be pretty frustrating for a beginner trying to learn how to crochet. Pick a color that is bright so you can see your stitches. Once you have a bit of practice with crochet, then you should be able to work with darker yarns.

The most common yarn to use is a brand called Red Heart. They have a lot of different colors for a good price! Start off with Red Heart or something similar to it such as Big Twist from JoAnn Fabrics or I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.

So to recap, pick a size 4 Medium weight yarn in a bright color!

3. Other Small Supplies You’ll Need

The yarn and hook are the most important tools you’ll need to get started, however there are some other things you will need. You’ll need to get basic things like a pair of scissors and a sewing needle. Most sewing needles have a very small “eye”, which is where the yarn or thread goes into the needle. It’s very likely you’ll have to buy a set of sewing needles with a large eye opening. You’ll want the yarn to fit through the needle!

If you want to crochet amigurumi (crocheted stuffed animals), you will want to get plastic safety eyes. These make your amigurumi animals look so good and like a toy! These are hard to find in stores. You can find them easier and for a much better price online. Here is a link for them:

Here’s How to Start Leaning How to Crochet!

Learning how to crochet is easier than ever now that we have access to videos online. A detailed video tutorial can show you everything you need to know when it comes to actually learning how to crochet. I have a free, SUPER detailed video available showing you how to crochet for the total beginner.

This video shows you everything from how to hold your hook, how to hold your yarn, and how to start crocheting! I tried my best to make this really easy to understand, so I hope you give the video a try. Here it is:

I always try to make my patterns how I personally would like a pattern – lots of photos, descriptions and detail! So that’s exactly how I made this video. I tried to include all of the information I would have wanted as a very beginner. This is probably the longest “How to Crochet” video out there, so I am confident you’ll learn a lot as you crochet along!

Remember, learning crochet has it’s learning curve. It’s a skill that takes some practice, but it is SO worth it. Please give the video a try and let me know if you have any questions!

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