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No-Sew Snowman Ornament – Free Christmas Crochet Pattern

Snowman free crochet pattern applique ornament

No-Sew Snowman Ornament – Free Christmas Crochet Pattern

Print this pattern out – purchase the PDF version here!

• Yarn 4/Medium Weight in…
White, black for hat, or any color for earmuffs
•4mm Crochet Hook
•Tapestry needle
•6mm safety eyes for eyes and buttons
•Orange puffy paint

Additional Information:
Difficulty: Easy

• Let’s Get Started!
These snowmen are all made in one continuous piece, so you won’t need to finish off once or sew anything on!
We start by making the body, then the head, then work back on the body and increase it. After this, we either create the hat or earmuffs.
To add the finishing touches, we will add in the eyes and buttons, and a nose!
Let’s get started!

Step 1: Chain 4 (Pic 1). Dc into the 1st Ch we made. Dc 8 times into that same st (Pic 2) (10)

1. 2.
Step 2: SlSt into the Chain 4 we originally made (Pic 3-4). Ch 4 (Pic 5). SlSt into the same st (Pic 6).

3. 4. 5. 6.
Step 3: Turn your work so the circle is from the left, over to the right as shown (Pic 7). SlSt into the circle (Pic 8-9). Ch 2. Dc 9 times into the circle (Pic 10). SlSt into the circle (Pic 11).

7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Step 4: Now we will work on the original double crochets we made (Pic 1). Repeat *2 Dc into the next st, Dc in the next st* 5 times (Pic 2). SlSt into the same st we made last (Pic 3).

1. 2. 3.

The following steps will be different depending on if you want your snowman to wear a hat or earmuffs.

Hat: SlSt in the next 3 st. Change to black, then Sc 3 times into the next st. Sc in the next 2 st, Sc 3 times in the next st.
Hat Row 2: Turn. SlSt in the next 2 st, Ch 2, Dc in the same st, Dc in the next 3 st

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Earmuffs: SlSt in the next 2 st. Change to earmuff color. SlSt in the next st, 4 Sc into that same st (Pic 1), SlSt into the same st. Change to white, Ch 5 (Pic 2). Skip the next 5 st. Change to Earmuff color and SlSt into the next st (Pic 3). When we do this, the chain should go behind the snowman’s head and be hidden. Next, create 4 Sc into that same st we just crocheted into (Pic 4). SlSt into the same st (Pic 5). Finish off and weave in ends.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Face and buttons:

Using 6mm safety eyes, place the eyes into the snowman’s face as shown, and place 2 eyes into the lower half of the snowman’s body as shown (Pic 1). Secure with a safety eye washer or with E600 glue.


Next, take a puffy paint of fabric paint. I use the brand Tulip (Pic 2). Using a gentle pressure, draw on a small nose (Pic 3). Let this dry for 4 hours or overnight. Done!

2. 3. 4.


  1. Perfect size to slip in a Christmas card. 😊

  2. I did a copy of head and body and slip stitch both wrong sides tog. And stuffed belly slightly so if it turns you don’t see the ends

    1. Here is back

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