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Octopus Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern


Here’s a very simple octopus crochet pattern great for beginners!

Supplies: 5mm crochet hook, 6mm Safety Eyes, stuffing, scissors, tapestry needle

Yarn: In any color, 4 weight yarn.

Stitches Used: Magic Ring, Sc, Inc, Dec, Ch, and Dc.


Round 1: 6 Sc in Magic Ring (6)

Row 2: *Inc* all around (12)

Row 3: *Sc, inc* around (18)

Row 4: *Sc 2, inc* all around (24)

Row 5: *Sc 3, inc* all around (30)

Row 6: *Sc 4, inc* all around (36)

Row 7: *Sc 5, inc* all around (42)

Row 8-15: Sc around (42)

Row 16: *Sc 5, dec* around (36)

Row 17: *Sc 4, dec* around (30)

Row 18: *Sc 3, dec* around (24)

Row 19: *Sc 2, dec* around (18)

Stuff at this point

Row 20: *Sc, dec* around (12)

Row 21: *Dec around* (6)

Finish off and add any additional stuffing. Sew closed.


Make 8

Ch 31, 3 dc in 2nd ch from hook and do 3 dc in each ch across.

The leg will start to twirl. You can twist the leg as you crochet to make it curlier. If you don’t twist it, the legs will look weird.

Sew all the legs on.


You can use safety eyes. If this toy is being given to a child, please make crocheted eyes for their safety.
In black, Make 2

Row 1: 6 sc in Magic Ring (6)

Row 2: *inc* all around (12)

Finish off and sew onto octopus.

Now you’re finished!


  1. You don’t have a row 8, 17,18, or 19. Should I just skip those rows or do the same pattern for all of them?

    1. I went ahead and corrected the pattern. You can skip the rows that were skipped. I hope that helps 🙂

    2. 8-15 are the same. 16stsrts dec

  2. Thank you for everythig

  3. I would like a printable octopus pattern for beginers

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you so much ❤️ I don’t have a PDF of this pattern, I’m so sorry! I can try to get one made for you 🙂 Please let me know if you’d still like this!

  4. How do I attach the legs? I see it says sew them on but I would like more instructions please

    1. Hi Sheri! To attach legs, pin each leg onto the octopus. Once you have it pinned on, place the tail end of yarn from the leg onto a sewing needle. Then repeat the process of inserting the sewing needle into the octopus, bring the needle out at a nearby stitch, then insert the needle into the leg. Repeat this until the leg is firmly sewed on! Once it’s firmly sewed on, tie a very firm knot with the tail end of yarn. Bring that tail end of yarn inside the octopus to hide the knot. Cut any excess yarn!

      I hope this was able to help! Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions 😍

  5. How much yarn do I need? I don’t want to find out that I’m short when I’m half way done.

    1. Love to purchase this octopus pattern, but it is not listed as available in print

  6. Love to purchase this octopus pattern , but it seems not to be available in print form

  7. Hi, I’m a beginner and I know hot to decrease, but I don’t quite understand how to make 3 dc in one chain. If you could maybe explain, it would be very helpful. Thank you for this great pattern though.

  8. Hi! Thanks for the great pattern! I need to do the face but am pretty excited about how this little guy is turning out! This is a gift for an ocean themed baby shower. I wanted to bring in a color from the blanket I made so I added a slip stitch of pink on each of the legs. Gives it a fun pop of color! I might make him fancy and add a top hat! Thanks for the great, easy to follow pattern!

  9. Hi tku for the instructions. But at which tow do I fix the eyes and how far apart ?

    Thank you very much
    Cheers, Irene

  10. The pattern is free, but not able to print it off

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