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Toilet Paper Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Free toilet paper amigurumi crochet pattern funny weird

Toilet Paper Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Free toilet paper amigurumi crochet pattern funny weird

Hello everyone! I’m bringing you a weird pattern today – a free toilet paper amigurumi crochet pattern. I figured it’s such a staple item in households that I should have a pattern for this! If you have a hankering for other household amigurumi patterns – I got you covered! I just released some other odd household crochet patterns, like a free toilet crochet pattern, a free poop crochet pattern, and a free plunger crochet pattern. If those are of interest to you, you can find those here.

Okay, let’s get started on making this toilet paper!

Print this pattern out – purchase the PDF version here!

• Yarn 6/Super Bulky Weight in…
White and light brown
•8mm Crochet Hook
•Tapestry needle
•12mm safety eyes
•Black Embroidery Thread

Additional Information:
Difficulty: Easy

We will start at the top of the toilet paper and work our way down to the bottom. We will also add in cardboard pieces to the top and bottom of the toilet paper to stabilize it. Once we’re done with the toilet paper, we will make the flowing toilet paper piece and sew it on. Finally, we will do the smile!

Let’s get started!

Toilet Paper:

In light brown

Round 1: 6 Sc into a Magic Ring (6)
Round 2: *Inc* all around (12)
Round 3: Change to White. *Inc, Sc in the next st* all around (18)
Round 4: *Inc, Sc in the next 2 st* all around (24)
Round 5: In the BLO (Back Loop Only), *Sc* all around (24)
Round 6-8: *Sc* all around (24)
Now we will mark where to place the eyes later. Add an eye stitch marker into the 12th and 14th stitch in Round 8.
Round 9-10: *Sc* all around (24)
Take a piece of cardboard. Place the toilet paper onto the cardboard as shown and outline around it (Pic 1). You will have a circle on your cardboard (Pic 2). Cut around the outline (Pic 2). Repeat this one more, for a total of 2 cut out pieces. Place one piece in now (Pic 3). After Round 11, stuff the toilet paper and add the second piece (Pic 4)
Round 11: In the BLO, *Dec, Sc in the next 2 st* all around (18)
Add the eyes in the marked areas now. Add stuffing in now and place in the second piece of cardboard.
Round 12: In BOTH Loops, *Dec, Sc in the next st* all around (12)
Round 13: Change to Light Brown. *Dec* all around (6)
Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Sew the remaining stitches closed and weave in ends.

Toilet paper piece:

In white

Row 1: Ch 10. Sc in the 2nd Ch from the hook. Sc in the next 8 st (9)
Row 2-6: Ch 1 and turn. Sc in the next 9 st (9)
Finish off now, leaving a long tail for sewing. Pin the toilet paper on as shown. Sew the toilet paper piece on the left side only – this will allow it to flow around like real toilet paper. Once done, weave in ends.


In black embroidery thread

Insert needle next to the right of the toy’s eye as shown (Pic 1) and pull needle out at the left of the toy’s eye (Pic 1). Reinsert needle into the same right area (Pic 2). Pull needle out at the middle where shown, making sure the needle lands ABOVE the thread (Pic 2). Reinsert needle into the same spot, making sure the needle lands BELOW the thread (Pic 3). Pull the needle out to the original insertion spot (Pic 3). Tie both ends of thread into a firm knot and bring into the toilet paper to hide. Cut excess thread.

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