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World’s Cutest Manatee Amigurumi – Free PDF Crochet Pattern

World’s Cutest Manatee Amigurumi – Free PDF Crochet Pattern

If you love free amigurumi patterns, then you’ll love my newsletter. That’s why I decided to give you a BONUS when you join my newsletter. Sign up now and you’ll be sent the free PDF for this manatee pattern! You’ll also get 4 other free PDF patterns, such as a no-sew stingray, an avocado, a donut, and flamingo pattern.

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  1. I signed up but didn’t get the email with patterns . I looked in spam, everywhere.

    1. Hi there! I checked your email address you entered in and it looks like you’ve been subscribed for a few months already! Since you were already a subscriber when I released this pattern, the free PDF pattern was already sent to you in the regular weekly newsletter titled, “Download a free PDF crochet pattern now!”. Please look in your email for that newsletter and click the picture of the manatee to get the free pattern.

      If you try to resign up to my newsletter, it won’t go through since you’re already a subscriber. I hope that makes sense haha 🙂 So definitely look for the recent newsletter I sent you 😍

      I hope this was able to help! Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions,


  2. I signed up and I also I’m not seeing anything in my inbox, spam, anywhere?

    1. Hi Carrie! I looked up your email in my newsletter system and it says you were sent the email confirmation, but Gmail sometimes places emails into the “promotions” folder – by chance did it land in there? The email is titled, “Confirm your subscription”. If you still don’t see it, I can add you on my end manually 🙂 Please let me know if that’s something you’d want me to do!

      Thanks so much, Carrie!


  3. I have not received my confirmation email. Thanks

    1. Hello,
      I also didnt get the email:(
      Thanks, Vivian

  4. I have not received my email confirmation. Thank you.

  5. Is there a step by step YouTube video for the manatee for beginners. I do not understand crochet terminology and learn better by watching. Thanks

    1. Hi Deann! As of right now there isn’t a video tutorial for this pattern. However, on my membership website I have a detailed video tutorial on how to read a crochet pattern! If you subscribe to the monthly membership, you can watch that video here:

  6. I have signed up twice and checked all my folders and still have not gotten the manatee file.

    1. Hi there, Deann! I checked your email in my newsletter program and don’t see any record of your email attempting to sign up 🙁 I can try to sign you up manually on my end if you would like. Please just let me know!

      1. Yes please

  7. Trying to sign up for newsletter

  8. I signed up for your newsletter and never received this pattern.

  9. I tried signing up for your newsletter to get these patterns, however I am not receiving my confirmation emails.

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