I published a book!

Hi everyone! I have the most exciting news of StringyDingDing history…

I published my very own book! It’s titled, Plenty of Fish in the Sea, filled with 20 different ocean-themed crochet patterns πŸ™‚ You can order your copy, available in both physical and digital, here. I offer free shipping within the US!

What a journey it has been to publish this book for you. This was years in the making, and today is the day I’ve been looking forward to since 2019. For starters, this book is completely self published, so it was a huge undertaking on my end. I did everything on my own, from designing the cover, to designing the patterns, photographing everything, finding a book printer over seas, the list can go on and on. However, none of this would have been possible without the wonderful pattern testers and editors! Of course, everybody’s kind support in general has helped me so much. Without the kind comments and emails, I would never have known that I have an audience for a book!

You might be wondering, “Why should I purchase this book?”

That’s a great question! For starters, this book have 20 different amigurumi patterns, giving you tons of variety when looking to make a pattern from this book. Each pattern is written in true StringyDingDing style – very clear and easy to understand, with lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions when needed.

In fact, this book is an amazing gift for anybody who wants to start learning how to crochet!

I included a big guide on how to start crocheting. This includes a detailed “materials needed” list, which says what items you’ll need to get started, why you’ll need them, and where you can purchase them within the US. Next, I lay in order what steps we’ll take to learn how to crochet. I also explain (including photos of course) common crochet terms, such as “yarn over”, “stuff”, or “finish off”, which will then lead into teaching how to read a crochet pattern, and how to read stitch abbreviations (including a helpful chart). The last chunk of the learning section in this book teaches how to crochet every stitch used in this book! Here’s a few pages so you can see just how detailed I went:

This book has spiral binding – a huge bonus!

How many times have you been trying to crochet from a pattern book, only to have the book shut on you? It’s such a struggle trying to keep the book open, read it, AND crochet at the same time.


I didn’t want that issue with my book, which is why it has spiral binding! You’ll be able to fold the book in half with ease, crocheting with it will be so much easier. I can’t talk enough about how amazing this feature is, it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the book!


These patterns are a hit with kids, let them choose which one they want you to make!

According to my pattern testers, their kids went totally crazy over how fun and cute these sea creatures are. I sometimes feel like boys may not like all the “cutesy” amigurumis out there – but with this book, they’ll love every single one!

1. Octopus Amigurumi

These octopus’ are the first pattern in this book! They’re really cute and pretty easy if you’re used to working with chains and double crochets. I would recommend this pattern for total beginners. What I love about this pattern is that you can make them in so many different colors and each one would look cute! If you wanted to get crazy with your octopus, try making each leg in a different color! You could end up with fun rainbow legs πŸ™‚

2. Whale Amigurumi

I had a really fun time making these guys. This is another pattern aimed towards beginners, as there aren’t any crazy stitches used and it also introduces sewing. Some more experienced crocheters may dislike the fact that the tail (2 pieces total) aren’t crocheted together, However, if I made the tail crocheted together it would be pretty confusing for a total beginner – sewing is a lot easier for a newbie! This pattern is great for beginners and experts alike, and this pattern allows you to use many different types of colors with a cute result!

3. Clown Fish Amigurumi

This pattern is sure to be a hit for anyone who loves the Dinsey movie “Finding Nemo”. While this fish isn’t based off of Nemo, they’re both clown fish! He is easy to make, and introduces a bit more skills. In this pattern we will be making color changes and working in rows. This is a great step towards improving your crochet skills, and if you’re already great at amigurumi, this is a fun, simple pattern to make!

You could make Dorey (the blue fish from finding Nemo) using this same pattern. Use all blue for the body. Make his arm fins in yellow, the top head fin should start in black, then the last row of the head fin should be made in blue. Lastly, make the tail fin in yellow, with the last row of the tail being in black. Viola!

4. Crab Amigurumi

This is definitely one of my personal favorite patterns in this book. Look at how cute he is! This patterns was one of the most popular among my testers, something about this crab is too cute πŸ™‚ He involves making a lot of pieces (why do crabs have to have so many legs?!), but all of the effort is worth it. His body is made in a similar way as the whale’s, so this would be a great pattern to try after you make the whale!

5. Mermaid Amigurumi

Did I hear all of you girls just squeal over a mermaid pattern? ‘Cause I know I did 😁 It’s basically required that a mermaid has to be in an ocean themed book!


This mermaid is perfect for crocheters who are used to making amigurumis. It offers a lot of room for personalization – choose what skin color, hair color, bra color, and tail color you want to use! I, of course, had to opt for the infamous red hair.

I could go on and on about why each pattern is great – but here’s a quick look at all of the patterns in my book:

1. Octopus

2. Whales

3. Crab

4. Clown fish

5. Mermaid

6. Manatee

7. Ice Cream Narwhal

8. Squid

9. Fish

10. Starfish

11. Seahorse

12. Shark

13. Pufferfish

14. Sea Turtles

15. Dolphin

16. Axolotl

17. Whale shark

18. Clams

19. Dumbo Octopus

20. Jellyfish

If you’d like to get you or someone you know a copy of this book,
you can buy it here. I offer free shipping within the US!

(P.S. If you want to give this book as a Christmas gift, I highly recommend purchasing it before November 21st. Anything after that and there’s no guarantee it will reach you by Christmas, as the USPS is extremely busy then.)


  1. All of your patterns are so cute! The octopus is my favorite.

    1. Thank you so much, Mae! That’s really kind of you to say 😍 Haha the octopus is also one of my favorites, I really like that you can use any color of yarn on it, and it’ll come out super cute!

  2. I am enjoying learning how to make amigurumi stuffies. This was a fun project. I have been crocheting for 3 years.
    I consider myself an advanced Beginner. I am still learning. Thank you for the pattern.

  3. Super cute patterns πŸ₯° Are you going to share these patterns online? πŸ€”

  4. love your book
    just wondering if you will make more

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