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The winners have been picked! (By random drawing)
Thank you so much for everybody who participated. We had 97 entries – that’s a lot of jellyfish!

1st place: Isabelle

2nd place: Annmarie Hayes

3rd place:

Dana Boughal

Hello everyone! In case you missed it, I just published my first book, Plenty of Fish in the Sea! This book includes 20 different crochet patterns for ocean themed creatures. If you’d like to read more about the details of why you should get this book, check out this blog post.

To celebrate the launch of my new book, I decided to host a crochet along with lots of prizes! These prizes have generously been donated by Etsy sellers who are extremely talented.



1. Crochet the jellyfish from my book (available as a free PDF during this event).
Note: Pattern no longer available for free since the event has ended on November 21st, 2021.

2. Post a picture of your jelly fish in the comments section of this post.

3. You will be entered for a chance to be one of the three randomly selected winners!



These prizes will be shipped internationally, so you can enter in this CAL regardless of where you live! As mentioned, these prizes are from talented Etsy sellers who produce high quality, handmade, crochet related items.

There will be 3 randomly drawn winners on November 21, 2021. I will email the winners personally as well as announce who won in my weekly newsletter.

Elijah Jelinek, the owner behind “Fancy Boy Designs” creates some of the most high quality handmade project bags I’ve ever seen. The bags have a boxed bottom, meaning they will easily stand on their own instead of flopping over like some project bags. The detachable lanyard makes holding his bag with your hand or wrist super convenient! Best of all, these bags are very affordable for such high quality. Thank you, Elijah, for participating in this giveaway.

If you’d like to see many other designs by “Fancy Boy Designs”, check out his Etsy shop here!

Tina Goodrich has been operating her Etsy shop, “HandmadeMom” since 2010. It’s no wonder why she has so many 5-star reviews! Her handmade crochet hooks are such high quality and are completely unique. While she offers many cute and fun crochet hooks, she also specializes in customizing ballpoint pens, needle holders, and stitch markers, with clay.

I testing out crocheting with one of these crab hooks, and their cute design doesn’t get in the way of their functionality! They work just as any other crochet hook and are very comfortable to hold. I also have to mention that her prices are shockingly affordable!


Want to treat yourself with a cute crochet hook? Check out Tina’s Etsy shop here!

Jennifer Baker’s Etsy shop, “ShopHandstitchedLife”, carries so much variety in stitch markers! I probably spent an hour in awe of all her handmade stitch markers. If you like having something fun to look forward to after completing each crochet round – stock up on some of these stitch markers!


There is 100% something in her shop that you’d fall in love with. Not only are her stitch markers super cute, but the function so well. The crab hook latch means your stitch marker is extra secure in your crochet, so you won’t have to ever worry about your marker accidentally coming out! She was extremely generous in this giveaway and sent me 12 different stitch marker packs, making 26 different makers in total!


Take a look at Jennifer’s Etsy shop here, she has so many fun things to choose from!

I will be giving away 3 copies of my new crochet pattern book, Plenty of Fish in the Sea” for this crochet along.

First place winner: 1 project bag, 1 crochet hook,
3 packs of stitch markers, 1 copy of my new book

Second place winner: 1 project bag, 1 crochet hook,
3 packs of stitch markers, 1 copy of my new book
Third place winner: 1 copy of my new book,
3 packs of stitch markers

Winners will be drawn randomly on November 21, 2021. I will email the winners personally, as well as announce them in my weekly newsletter. Crochet the jellyfish (Note: pattern no longer available for free since the event has ended on November 21st, 2021.) and enter in by posting a picture in the comments below!


  1. 10/10 Pattern! It was so easy and fun 🙂

    1. Your jellyfish looks awesome in that blue/pink yarn! Thank you so much for sharing a picture – I love it!

      1. Hello, here is my jellyfish, I loved making it and I really liked the pattern.

        1. Hello, here is my jellyfish, I loved making it and I really liked the pattern.

  2. This was very fast and fun to make!

    1. Hi Karen! Oh my gosh I loooove that he turns from orange to red, that looks so cool! I have to try more fun color combinations like that 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing a picture!

  3. This pattern was really easy to follow and fun to make!

    1. LOVE this little jellyfish! The pattern was super easy and worked up really quick!

    2. Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad to hear that you had a fun time with the pattern! Yours came out adorable 🙂 I like the yarn you used, it looks similar to the one I used! Anything with bright colors is perfect for amigurumi LOL! Good luck in the giveaway!

  4. I love the way it turned out! This was very fun and quick. Thank you for the pattern!

    1. Awww that’s so cute 😍 He came out perfectly! I’m so happy you thought the pattern was quick. I wanted to make like 50 of them because they work up quickly LOL

  5. LOVE this little jellyfish! The pattern was super easy and worked up really quick!

    1. Hi Jana! Aww I appreciate the kind compliments on the pattern 🙂 It’s so cool to see your version of it, I love the shade of blue – classic jellyfish! Good luck in the giveaway 😍

  6. Congratulations on the new book launch! I loved making this cute wee guy and my 4yr old has already claimed him as her own.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! It’s so cool to finally have the book out, I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Haha I can definitely see why your 4 year old already claimed the jellyfish – yours is adorable! I like how you made the legs colorful 🙂 I did that on the squid from my book,, except I used sparkly yarn!

  7. Here is my Kelly fisk with gold glitter yarn maked with love❤

    1. HI Katja! Oh wow I really love that you used glitter yarn for yours. Since glittery yarn is slightly abrasive, I could see him being a cool scrubby! 😍 Thank you so much for participating in this Crochet Along! Good luck 🙂

  8. I had 4ply and a 2mm hook handy and my jellyfish is so teeny and cute!

    1. Ooooh using a small hook and yarn can make such a difference, I love yours! He would make a fantastic keychain since he’s small 🙂 You did a great job on the jellyfish, I love how you put your own twist on it!

    2. So super cute!!!

  9. He was fun to make and granddaughter has already claimed him

  10. He was fun to make and granddaughter has already claimed him. Very easy to make.

    1. I love this other version you did of the jellyfish, so cute with the purple variegated yarn! I had a similar purple yarn I wanted to use on the jellyfish, but I couldn’t find it LOL! You did a great job 🙂 Good luck!

      1. This was my 1st amigurumi

  11. Here is my little guy. I love him so much!! The pattern was super nice and fun to do. I’m so excited for you and your book! I’m also excited to get my copy 😂! I added a little hoop to hang him by. and jellyfish john is definitely going on the Christmas tree.

  12. Perfect project for a Sunday morning! Thank you, Olive and congrats on releasing the book!!!

  13. It was so nice of you to give us this pattern. It is so cute and worked up so fast.
    Your book looks great, I wish you lots of luck with it.

  14. Thank you for sharing this pattern I enjoyed making him and congrats on your book!!!

  15. Love this little guy!!!! I’ve only been crocheting for a month or so, and I am HOOKED! LOL!!!!

    1. Love this colorfull cute jellyfish!!!

  16. This was super easy to make! I love it!

  17. I loved making this little guy! I used crochet thread and a 2.55mm steel hook and I love how little he is, perfect for a Keychain or a backpack charm! Thank you and congrats on your book!

  18. I loved this pattern! The little jellyfish will go great with the bigger one I already made!

  19. This pattern was fun and easy! Thanks for the inspiration! My dog even loves it.

  20. THANK YOU so much for having this giveaway AND a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your book!!!😍🤩 I’m sooo happy for you!🤗 I totally admire your talent and creativity and am also so grateful for the patterns/crochet wisdom you share!!😁 THANK YOU again!!

  21. I loved crocheting this jellyfish! Thanks for sharing your patterns and for hosting this giveaway 😀

  22. Here’s my jellyfish!!! I love this pattern, and I can’t wait to get the book!!!!

  23. Thank you so much! This little jelly will provide comfort to a baby in the premmie ward. I plan on donating as many as I can. Just perfect!

  24. Hi Olive! I loved making this little guy! I made two of them tonight (while Jessie was playing in the bath!) they worked up so quickly and so cute!!

  25. So adorable and so much fun to make! Thank you for the pattern.

  26. Hi I made 2 different colors because I didn’t now witch one I like the best

  27. This pattern was so much fun to make!

  28. This pattern was so much fun to make!

  29. Thanks for such a fun pattern. I wanted curly tentacles so I had to add those on. Have a wonderful day.

  30. So fun to make! Congrats on the book!!

  31. Hi, I’m Karlee and I am thirteen years old. I absolutely love this pattern and all of your patterns, they are so easy to make and the result is amazing!!!!

  32. Hi Olive, I made another jellyfish because the pattern is so fun I hope you like them and I wish everyone luck in the giveaway!!!!

  33. Congratulations on your new book! And, thank you for sharing this pattern from it. I really enjoyed making this little jellyfish.

  34. I love this little jelly fish so much.

  35. The pattern is awesome!

  36. Another great pattern by Olive! I absolutely love my new jelly boi!! I did only 3sc to make the ruffles

  37. Congrats on your book. Hete is my jellyfish hanging out with my pearl in her shell. Can’t wait to make more sea friends!

  38. I made the Jellyfish using dk yarn and a 3mm hook as have not got 4 weight yarn. I loved the pattern and it was easy to make up.
    Congratulations on your new book.

  39. Congratulations on your first pattern book! It looks like a fantastic book! I new to making amigurumi and wanted to try your jellyfish pattern and boy it was so easy to understand. Thank you for sharing it!

  40. I love the holidays so much I had to have fun with this little guy and add a few Thanksgiving details.

    1. Look so cool!

  41. This is my first amigurumi. The pattern is so well written even I didn’t mess up!! I will definitely be doing more jellyfish and more amigurumi!! Thank you for providing such a wonderful pattern for free!! Ella steered me to you by showing all her lovely finishes!! 💖💖

  42. Congratulations on your book! And thank you for sharing this pattern with us. I changed up the tentacles a bit, and left my tails out for a slightly different look.

  43. I love this pattern. So well written. Thank you Olive for another awesome amigurumi.

  44. I love this pattern. So well written. Thank you Olive for another awesome make.

  45. Super fun to work up, would make an excellent introduction into crochet project

  46. This is an enjoyable project. I may turn him into a backpack buddy. Congratulations on your new book!!!

  47. My picture of your jellyfish, love it!

    1. Love your pattern and your new book is awesome
      Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉👏👏👏👏

  48. Fun! I am in my 3rd year corcheting. I really like learning new things and this Jellyfish project was great!

  49. Thank you for all your patterns. I love making them and they always come out great!

  50. here is my little jelly fish to enter the contest

  51. What a great pattern!! I’m not very quick at crochet but I got this done in less than 2 hours. It was great to feel accomplished. Thank you so much.

  52. My jelly fish sporting the Cowboys colors. This is such a cute pattern.

  53. My jellyfish amigurumi, thank you for wonderful tutorial!

  54. I decided my jelly fish didn’t look quite right . So I made a second one, and it is much better. I am still kind of new to crochet in my third year. I am a late bloomer at 57, I decided to start crocheting and I love it. It is fun and helps me get through some rough times.

    1. I love your jellyfish very much! Keep on the good work with amigurumis!

  55. My first aragami. It might nit be perfect but I’m proud of myself for making it. It was fun!

  56. Love the way she came out. It was
    much easier than I thought. Thank you for the pattern and for the chance of the giveaway.

  57. Love this cute little jellyfish, it works up super fast, pattern is easy to follow, thanks for another amazing pattern 💕

  58. The jellyfish pattern was so easy to follow, and it turned out great! Congrats on your new book!

  59. I loved this pattern it was super easy. I’ve made lots of stringydingding projects before and I can’t wait to make more. Thank you . I made my jelly fish with chunky yarn so it was bigger

  60. This was super fun to make. I hung mine in my car💓

  61. This was super fun to make.

    1. Not sure why it posted twice🤦🏼‍♀️ Sorry olive!

  62. Thank you for the pattern 🙏🏼 I love 💕 it and thanks for the this crochet along

  63. Thanks 🙏🏼 I love 💕 it congratulations 🎉 on your 1st book 📕 may there be many more

  64. This little cutie was so fun to make!

  65. I haven’t made amigurumi in a few months. This reminds me of how much I enjoy making them. The pattern was easy to read and follow along to. I will be making more as a replacement to a bow on presents.

    1. Your amiigurumi came out so good, and good idea for the decoration on Christmas gifts!!!

  66. I loved making this little guy. I’m going to make him a key ring.

  67. Here’s my little guy. So quick and easy.

  68. This pattern is so nice and easy! It makes for great stocking stuffers too!!

  69. This adorable jellyfish was so much fun to make and super easy to make,thank you for the pattern. My granddaughter’s going to love it.

  70. This adorable jellyfish was so much fun and easy to make,thank you for the pattern. My granddaughter’s going to love it.

  71. This pattern made an adorable jelly fish. I love it.

  72. Thanks Olive for the pattern. He’s adorable.

  73. This is my first amigurumi ❤

    1. Wow, you done so good for FIRST!!!! i hope you will keep making amigurumis, they are the coolest!

  74. Thank you for providing this pattern. It was quick and easy to make.

  75. Congratulations Olive on this AWESOME amigurumis book! It is so cool that both beginners and experienced amigurumis crocheters will love to make yours designs for sure! This free ( thank you so much for that!) jellyfish was fun to try something from the book, and has become my NEW FAVORITE THING to carry around and get photos all day! LOL

  76. Easy and fun to make

  77. I used cotton yarn for the eyes

  78. I love your patterns. I like how they include where to put safety eyes, because I have trouble placing them correctly.

  79. Love this pattern!

    1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to comment twice.

  80. I am having technical difficulties uploading my image. Cute n fun piece. Thank you Olive.

  81. Cute! Love the pattern! Used a weirder yarn because I was making it for my father and that was the only camo color yarn I had. It still turned out great though.

  82. Cute! Love the pattern! Used a weirder yarn because I was making it for my father and that was the only camo color yarn I had. It still turned out great though.

    1. Also didnt mean to post twice, for some reason it did.

  83. This was a really easy fun pattern!! I’ve also had several request from people wanting to make them with hangers so they can hang them in their cars LOL…

  84. I had a lot of fun with this – I doubled up the a variegated yarn with a single colour to get this combo and produce this chunky wee jellyfish 😀

  85. I really enjoyed making him and will be making more of these little guys!! Don’t have plain black eyes, so I used glow in the dark…. I think they’ll give him a cool kick!! Thanks for the cool CAL and giveaway

  86. Its a minion jellyfish; the pattern was easy and now i wamt to make 100 of these cute things.

  87. Oops forget the image, here’s my little guy

    1. Oooo that has a real Cthulu vibe to it – I love it 😀

  88. I made a whole little family!! I think I’m hooked on these little amigurumi guys!! Thanks Olive!! 💖

  89. Couldn’t resist! Had to make him in Christmas colors.😂 I used a 3.25 mm hook. I love him! Congrats on your awesome book Olive! Your such an inspiration to me.

  90. Such a cute, fun and easy pattern to make!

  91. I enjoyed making this little one so much!! Very easy to follow pattern for a second time attempting an Amigurumi! Beautiful new book of patterns!😊🧶

  92. This is my first Amigurumin. I did have trouble putting on the limbs do to a stroke on my left hand. I think I did ok.

  93. this jellyfish was awesome to make! I love your patterns and the way they are written! good luck with your new book!
    I also published it on Instagram hoping you’ll get book orders from there too 🙂

  94. /Users/juliawhitt/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2021/11/17/20211117-131857/mP%ZGuNNQDyOHSnA3XjMRQ/IMG_1361.jpg I am enjoying the inspiration of Stringydingding soooo much! Thank you!

  95. New to this!! Hope my jellyfish is visible!!

  96. I loved this pattern and had a lot of fun making this jellyfish.

  97. I really loved this pattern. It was super easy and the pattern was easy to fallow.

  98. So cute! My granddaughters will love this as soon as I get a second one made.

  99. So cute! My granddaughters will love this as soon as I get a second one made.

  100. Fun and easy to make. I might make more for Christmas

  101. I might make more for Christmas cause it was so easy.

  102. This jellyfish was so much fun to make! Good luck to everyone else participating, your jellyfish are all so cute!! 😀

  103. My first amigurumi!! Its a Christmas Jelly Fish, he’s going on my Christmas tree!! 😁 This was so funny thank you.

  104. Congratulations!! On your first book, I love all your patterns. Here is my interpretation of your jelly fish pattern to get into the Christmas spirit 🎅

  105. I’m having so much fun with this jelly fish pattern I just can’t stop, meet the festive mariachi jellyfish! Once more congrats on your first amigurumi book!

    1. LOL I love this, Lisa!!! That is sooo cute and funny, I’m definitely going to try and make a jelly fish like yours 😍 So cute I just love how you turned the jellyfish into your own thing ❤️ Good luck!

  106. I love this jellyfish! So cute and quick to make. I look forward to making the other sea patterns. If I don’t win a copy of the book I will definitely buy it. Thanks for this crochet a long giveaway!

  107. First and foremost, Olive many many congratulations for the new book. I absolutely love the spiral binding- perfect workbook. Looking forward to many more books from you. Had it not been for Angelia (from CrochetingHouseMouse) I would have missed this. Went over to my email and along with that there was another email from our local yarn company asking for knitted hats for underprivileged kids. So, I got this idea to combine the two and make a jellyfish beanie!!!

  108. I made this guy with Premier Pixie Dust and 12mm safety eyes. Great beginner pattern!

  109. This is the first finished project I’ve made all year, and the first thing that I’ve made specifically for myself. The sheer amount of joy I get from just holding this wee little thing in the palm of my hand is amazing. The pose in this picture was completely accidental, because I gently set it down to see if it could support its own weight, and the fact that the front two legs are positioned so daintily in front keeps cracking me up.
    Thank you for this absolute cutie of a pattern!

  110. This was so much fun! I used cotton yarn. I will make him again and use it as a pin cushion. Thank you so much!

  111. I loved making this jelly fish. Great pattern! Your new book looks great. Congratulations!

  112. I loved his pattern! It’s so cute! I added a string from the top to make it an ornament 😁

  113. Fun pattern, perfect project to use some rainbow yarn on!

  114. This is the first Anigurumi I ever made it didn’t turn out to bad I will have to make more and try to make them better then this one

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