Changes For StringyDingDing!

Hey guys!

I have some important changes coming to StringyDingDing this year.

Don’t worry—it’s ultimately VERY good news and results in StringyDingDing Members getting even MORE patterns.

So, here’s what’s up: I’ve recently started experiencing some serious hand and arm pain due to how much I crochet. For several years now, I’ve been putting out at least a pattern a week, and as so many of you know I even put out a well-received crochet book during this time.

In order to protect my physical health, I’m going to slow down how much I crochet. To be clear, I’m not quitting – my hand and arm should be fine if I work in moderation. So, from now on, every other week you’ll be getting a brand new, free crochet pattern. That’s twice monthly.

I think this change has some other hidden benefits for you, the biggest being I’ll have more time to create higher quality patterns (and more time to think about what to make… I’ve published over 300 patterns, so I sometimes run out of ideas and end up feeling rushed!). With more time to dedicate to a pattern, both my health and the quality of the twice-monthly patterns will greatly benefit.

If you’re a StringyDingDing Member, this change actually means you get *even more* high-quality PDF patterns! I put a lot of thought into how to keep the membership as value-packed as possible, and you’ll probably wish that I did this sooner once you hear how good it is.

Members will now get immediate access to 2 brand-new, higher-quality PDF patterns which I’ll release every other week. Between those weeks, you’ll get access to 2 additional pre-existing PDF patterns from my huge pattern library, hand-picked by me to be suitable for the season!

That’s not all. Members now have their monthly coupon super-sized: instead of just 1, you can now use the coupon to pick out 🩵 3 (!!) of your own favorite patterns from the StringyDingDing library!

Members, if you’re counting, that means each month you get a total of 7 amazingly adorable PDF patterns. For $6 per month, it’s really never been a better time to be a StringyDingDing Member. 🥰

Thank you so much for your understanding! Don’t forget to check out this week’s free crochet pattern here!


  1. Hi there! I am searching desperately for the free amigurumi pattern for the little chick coming out of the eggshell. I made them b4 and they are adorable but I can’t find them for the life of me now!!! Can you possibly tell me where they are or where to find them? Please and Thank You !

    1. Hi Jean! Here’s the pattern you’re looking for, I’m so glad you liked it enough to make it again! 🙂

      Chick Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

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