My Worst Amigurumis + Christmas Crochet Along Winner!

To begin with, I was hosting a Christmas Amigurumi Crochet Along in my member’s forum! It ended today, and I picked a winner 🙂 The winner made an adorable gingerbread man and a $100 gift card prize to a craft store of their choice!

Now let’s end the year with a laugh. I decided to compile my worst performing amigurumi patterns. I’m not doing this as a way to be angry, I actually am more in awe that these patterns were so undesirable LOL! Here are my worst performing amigurumi in terms of least page views and PDF sales:

1. Chicken Nugget Food Friends

This pattern was one of my earliest. I had the goal of trying to make amigurumis that didn’t really have a pattern. So I thought “chicken nuggets are cute” and decided to make some. Let me tell you – this pattern took a LOT of work. Well, not compared to my other patterns, but at the time this pattern took a lot of work.

I even bought McDonalds chicken nuggets and fit the crochet box pieces to the actual box for scale.

Figuring out how to do this was a pain, but I figured this pattern would be a hit and it would all be worth it… WRONG

This is one of my least visited patterns and least sold PDFs. I’m not sure why these little guys didn’t make it but hey, at least I think they’re cute 🤣

2. Dress Up Turtles

Okay, I admit the idea of dressing up turtles isn’t the most appealing thing. However, this isn’t what I was going for. You see, there is convertible scarf that can be turned into a ninja mask for these turtles and I was hoping people would get the picture 😉

Totally didn’t – I missed the mark at this one! Nobody saw what I was trying to pull and maybe that’s for the best. The accessories for these turtles are a little odd, ranging from cowboy hats to baseball hats. Mostly it’s all hats and a bracelet. Okay, noted that “Dress Up” should involve more than an eccentric taste in hats

3. Train Amigurumi

I think green doesn’t perform well in amigurumis… or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to cope with the fact that these performed badly 😆 I wasn’t really trying to pull anything like I was with the turtles, I mean where else do you put a face on a train?

I’m not sure why this was a flop. It could be that trains are outdated now that people only travel to other worlds through VR headsets. Okay maybe I just didn’t capture how a train should look. Maybe if I had named it “Tommy the Train Engine” things would have worked out better. But like I said, wasn’t even trying to pull that with this!

4. Cupid Amigurumi

I don’t really know what to say either than when I look at my cupid doll he looks like Butters from South Park. I can’t really unsee that. Hmm… Maybe he looks a little creepy?

Let’s make more undesirable patterns next year!

I am excited to start making more amigurumis for next year 🙂 Yes, there will have to be some worst performing amigurumis, and I am excited to see what that will be! Sometimes I have really bad ideas that make no sense to anyone but me 😁 But you have to try and see what people like! No other way we can grow and learn ❤️


  1. This is so funny and it made me smile! You should try to make an among us character pattern! You are very talented! Thank you so much for a wonderful year of crochet! Happy Holidays!

    1. Haha oh my gosh thank you so much! I’m happy you found it funny 🙂 That is an awesome suggestion you have, maybe I will make one! I thought about it, they look so cute and easy to make 🙂

      Thank you a million for such a kind comment, you are awesome ❤️ Here’s hoping for more fun patterns next year! Take care 😍

      1. I actually like the cupid but havent been able to print pattern yet, so havent asked. Writing them by hand doesnt work well

        1. Yay I am glad the cupid is cute! No need to write the pattern by hand, I have a printable PDF version you can print out 🙂 You can find that here:
          Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions with that! Always happy to help 🥰

  2. I loved reading this! You should do one with your most liked patterns of 2020 also!

  3. I love the nuggets one! I want to make some play food for later this year and it will be on my list!

    1. I’m glad you like the nuggets one! They’re pretty easy and quick, and definitely would make a really funny keychain 🙂 Good luck on your play food! That’s such a fun idea, I’m sure you’ll be making a lot of cute things this year ❤️

  4. Oh my gosh. I made the chicken nuggets for my grandson. He loved it also it was a chicken nugget phase he went through. 🤣 We love your blog and patterns. Thank you

    1. Awww that is so adorable to hear hahaha! I love that, I think your grandson and I would get along 😂 Sadly I too am over my chicken nugget phase! But at least crochet chicken nuggets will always stay cute 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this, it totally made my day! Please check back for more patterns, I hope to keep on making some cute things for you to enjoy!♥️

  5. Great article and very funny. My son is a comedian and so smart that sometimes his jokes go over peoples heads, maybe you , too, are too smart for your own good, lol! I haven’t done amigurumi before but your article encourages me to try , after all, how can we get better at our art without trial and error?

    1. Hi Jane! Oh my gosh that is so awesome to hear your son is a comedian! That is really unique, I’m sure you guys have a blast together 😄 Haha I am going to say you’re right – much like his jokes my patterns just go over people’s head! (I hope so at least). I really hope you’ll give amigurumi a try, it is SUPER fun after you get past the initial learning curve. If you ever need help, please let me know! I have a members website where I have amigurumi video tutorials, they might help if you’re a visual learner 🙂

      Here are the videos:

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment, you are so kind! ❤️

  6. I would love to see some more patterns of frog’s , I just love your patterns .

    1. I’m right there with you, frogs are a great idea! I’ll definitely be looking into making a cute one… perhaps one with really long legs? Lol!

  7. I actually do not know if this would be a good pattern or not, but a toad would be really cute; maybe with some bobble stitches on the top for warts!

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